Infobip Authenticate: Enhancing your 2FA solution with cutting-edge OTP delivery

Effortlessly verify your customers with Infobip Authenticate, our robust omnichannel solution that provides a fully automated, cost-effective way to authenticate your customers, with multistep failover that leaves no message undelivered.

Automatically block fraudulent SMS traffic and protect your 2FA process

Reduce your OTP costs by stopping artificially inflated traffic and only pay for legitimate messages.

The Infobip Signals solution automatically detects and blocks these messages to ensure a complete, cost-effective, and risk-free 2FA process.

Elevate your business’ existing 2FA solution with Infobip Authenticate. Capitalize on the power of omnichannel communication and optimize OTP delivery.

Simple API integration for omnichannel OTP delivery

Manage your business, while we manage your authentication

Our single API and powerful platform takes care of the integration, and sending and managing complexities. Allowing you to focus on your customers.

Effortless verification

Authenticate simplifies the verification journey for your customers with a single integration. Leverage multiple channels, such as SMS, WhatsApp, RCS, Viber and more to deliver one-time passwords (OTPs) and verify identities securely.

Best deliverability rates

Get every critical message sent with Authenticate reliably, on time and over your region’s most popular channel. Our advanced routing capabilities, global network infrastructure, and direct channel partnerships ensure industry-leading deliverability rates, eliminating the frustration of undelivered messages and enhancing CX.

Always-on failover channel

Downtime is not an option in today’s fast-paced world. Authenticate offers an always-on failover channel, with uninterrupted service, mitigating potential disruptions, and guaranteeing zero downtime. In the event of an undelivered message our failover mechanism seamlessly switches to an alternative channel, ensuring continuous authentication capabilities for your business.

Compliant with local regulations

Our global presence and local expertise not only gives insights into the most popular channels in your region but takes care of every country’s vastly different regulation, compliance, and privacy restrictions. You can rest assured that every authentication message delivered is secure and compliant.

Powerful enterprise-grade infrastructure

Our platform supports peak traffic times with advanced queueing, load balancing and implementation of all the different error codes from each provider. Ensuring not a single message is lost.

9,700+ partner and operator connections

Our partnership with major global and regional OTT messaging providers and direct connections with 800+ mobile network operators ensures your message is always delivered on time, over the safest routes and most affordable channel.

Expand your 2FA solutions on additional channels

Build engaging experiences with the Infobip authentication platform

Discover how our customers used authentication solutions to build stronger experiences and journeys.

Ready to improve your authentication?

Optimize costs, decrease fraud and increase conversions with Infobip Authenticate.