Grow your omnichannel communication stack with Instagram

Add Instagram posts and direct messaging to your omnichannel communication mix to interact with customers on one of the world’s most popular social media platforms.

Expand your reach and boost interactions worldwide

Meet customers where they are on social media and offer them personalized Instagram support to level up their conversational experiences.


increase in Instagram interactions for retail and eCommerce brands

Source: Messaging Trends (Infobip)

1 billion +

Instagram users worldwide

Source: Instagram


of Instagram users follow businesses

Source: Instagram

Set up a full contact center solution behind your Instagram profile

Enable customers to reach out to you for support as they explore your posts and products on Instagram.

Cloud contact center solution

Give live agents access to Instagram direct messages so they can improve customer support over the popular social media app. With Conversations, they have a full view of conversation history and complete context on how to resolve queries quickly and efficiently.

Chatbot building platform

Create a chatbot that can instantly respond to customer queries over Instagram. Guide customers through their journey, allow them to get their questions answered quickly, and offer the best conversational experiences for customer support on their favorite social media app.

Entice your customers to start a conversation

Instagram direct messages are accessible only through customer-initiated conversations. Ensure you offer easy access points to your Instagram account and allow customers to reach your support team in a single app.

Turn your social media page into an entry point for customer service. While customers are interacting with your Instagram profile, they can easily start a conversation with your brand and send a direct message to inquire about your products or services.

Elevate customer support with Instagram features

Easily accessible conversations

Through comments, story replies, story mentions, and direct message buttons on your Instagram profile, customers can contact your brand without a hitch.

Quick and easy interactions

With quick replies, rich cards, and carousels, you can offer customers a faster and more efficient customer support experience over Instagram.

Richer engagement

Exchange texts, images, videos, audio, and stickers to make your Instagram interactions more engaging for customers.

User-friendly product displays

Set up easy-to-use carousels to showcase your products and allow customers to browse details in your conversation.

Grow customer relationships with personalized Instagram support

Be where your customers are, offer better support, and build lasting relationships directly through your Instagram profile.


Access one dashboard for all your Instagram interactions

Boost agent productivity by making all interactions available on one dashboard, and offer personalized replies to comments from customers on Instagram.

Comment replies

When a customer posts a comment on your Instagram posts, reply to them directly and manage customer interactions from one platform.

Productive live agents

Agents can manage multiple interactions at once over Conversations. They can reply to comments on public posts or engage with customers over direct messages, offering more personalized experiences.

All on a single platform

Instagram posts and direct messages are available on a single platform, making it easy for agents to resolve issues promptly.

Programmable support with Infobip APIs

Quickly add Instagram to your communication stack through our APIs, with low-code options to offer customers easily accessible customer support.

Explore how businesses optimize support with Instagram

Using a cloud contact center and chatbot building platform, you can offer customers better support over their favorite social media platform.

Expand your omnichannel communications with Instagram

Add Instagram to your channel mix and offer convenient support to your customers.