Fast and secure Mobile Identity verification

Our leading cloud communications platform, best-in-class omnichannel security solutions, and global scale help telcos transform CX and secure the mobile ecosystem for their enterprise, small business, and consumer customers.

[Mobile Identity] security and user experience done right


Instantly verify users with their mobile number

  • Secure verification which eliminates friction on service sign-up and login without interruption
  • Streamlines online transactions, shortening the buying cycle
  • Elevates your NET promoter score and prevents churn
  • Simple integration with existing tech stack


Identify and prevent SIM swap fraud

  • Prevents fraud before it impacts the customer, using real-time insights
  • Reduces the number of false positive verifications
  • Minimizes manual security interventions
  • Complies with PSD2 SCA & GDPR regulations


Prevent unwanted access to services with National ID number match

  • Check if the claimed user ID number matches the ID number the user registered with on his local mobile operator
  • Improve the security of your onboarding process
  • Reduces fake registrations and synthetic identity fraud

Boost customer experience securely

Protect customers during account activation

Easily identify the customer’s mobile number while they are activating their online account without interrupting the customer experience.

Protect customer accounts during everyday use

Use secure and simple user authentication without compromising the customer experience.

Improve the onboarding customer experience

Easily validate user information during the registration or login process, while keeping the customer flow uninterrupted.

Increase number of app users

Identify new users when activating the mobile app easily, without interrupting the customer experience.

Infobip API

Use any programmable language to easily integrate various communication channels and modules into your business workflows.

Why should you use Infobip’s all-in-one customer engagement solution?

Optimize interactions

Leverage customer data to understand your customers and send personalized messages that create meaningful interactions across the customer journey

Build loyalty and trust

From onboarding to purchase – harness the power of automation, behavioral and event triggers, and send time optimization to deliver the right messages at the right time across to boost loyalty.

Increase revenue

Boost your upsell, cross-sell and lead generation efforts with a combination of personalized campaigns and a conversational chatbot to keep customers engaged.

Enhance customer engagement

Deliver efficient and personalized customer experiences to gain a competitive advantage in today’s digital environment.

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Mobile security and user experience done right

Protect customers, improve user experience, and increase engagement with Mobile Identity.