Maximize engagement with personalized messages on the best customer engagement solution

Engagement at scale, on any channel, and throughout the entire customer journey. Maximize ROI with high-performing omnichannel marketing campaigns created with a code-free customer engagement solution.

Customer engagement software builder workflow

Access the power of true omnichannel marketing

Create campaigns for any channel based on a single customer data platform.

Use a single unified platform for all customer engagement

  • Say goodbye to disconnected tech and makeshift integrations
  • Reduced cost of ownership, one line of support, simplified user experience
  • Unified insights and analytics across all channels

Automate your customer journey and enable relevant, perfectly timed messaging

  • React to customer interactions and purchases with confirmations and notifications
  • Communicate about changes in customer profiles, for example loyalty scheme tiers
  • Create triggered communication for date-time events like subscription renewals, anniversaries, or payment deadlines
  • Warn customers when they are approaching their spending or account limits

Create sophisticated customer engagement campaigns with no need to involve IT

  • Easy to use drag-and-drop interface accessible to any user
  • Enable personalised messaging through advanced audience segmentation
  • Track customers through the entire funnel and adapt messaging accordingly
  • Use triggers, behavioral analysis, AB testing, and send time optimization to refine campaigns
Channels for Moments customer engagement software

Benefit from ultimate channel flexibility

  • Choose the right channel for each customer and include multiple channels in the same workflow
  • Create highly personalized messaging that is consistent across all channels
  • Switch channels seamlessly at any point
  • Configure failover channels to ensure key messages get delivered

Use artificial intelligence algorithms to increase efficiency and maximize conversions

  • Avoid churn by identifying customers who are at risk and target with retention campaigns
  • Use AI to optimize send times and maximize open rates across all channels
  • Leverage machine learning for accurate product recommendations and more personalized messaging

Build custom user journeys with low-code and no code options

Customer Acquisition

Maximize engagement, increase conversions, and collect vital customer data.

Engage and grow

Upsell your products and services with personalized messages.

Customer retention

Keep your customers engaged and encourage repeat business.

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Active your customer engagement platform

Use a single customer database for all your communication

Connect data and insights from online and offline sources to build detailed customer profiles and create personalized interactions. A single customer data platform for all your channel messaging ensures a consistent customer experience.

Unlock the power of Moments through Conversations and Answers

Deliver engaging experiences for your customers by integrating Conversations and Answers to your omnichannel engagement solution.


Give agents a full contextual view of past conversations and offer support on any channel.  


Offer instant support 24/7 to help improve customer satisfaction and time to resolution.  

Create automated message flows with a flexible API

Add any channel to your communication mix and start engaging your customers through our fully programmable API.

Create personalized omnichannel marketing campaigns

See how Moments helps you scale your engagement efforts across
channels and devices.