Keep your data updated with Number Lookup

Number Lookup checks against first-party numbering sources and provides real-time feedback, keeping your database clean while improving delivery rates.  

Boost your communication strategy

From improved message delivery times, to increased user security, Number Lookup enhances your communication strategy.


Root out invalid numbers

Our phone verification service cross-checks your numbers against the databases of more than 700 global operators and confirms that a phone number exists, is active and reachable before you hit “send”.  


Keep a clean database

Ensure the numbers on your contact list are correct and validate the information entered online and in mobile forms in real time. Our platform will automatically reject incorrectly formatted numbers, optimizing your messaging productivity and costs.  


Reach ported numbers efficiently

Our platform conducts a real-time HRL lookup to discover the number’s original and new operator networks, providing you with timely and precise information that will help you increase your messaging efficiency.


Stay updated on traveling customers

We check operator networks at the signaling level and give you current country and network information, so you know if your customers are using their phones overseas, allowing you to validate account activity from unusual locations, or simply to route and time your messages optimally.  


Protect user accounts

Potect user accounts from being taken over by SIM swap fraud with SIM card status checks. Through our connections with operator databases, we monitor changes in SIM card and IMSI status and flag any unexpected activity for your attention.

Reduce messaging costs and improve delivery rates with Number Lookup

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Utilize Number Lookup over API

Check the status and validity of mobile numbers, and the country or mobile network they are associated with over our web interface and API.

Validate numbers for accuracy and ROI

Make messaging more efficient by rooting out bad numbers to optimize costs. Improve customer experience and security by checking number validity.

Reduce cost and increase ROI

Increase messaging effectiveness and optimize campaigns by cleaning user databases of invalid numbers with phone number verification.

Improve customer experience

Make sure you have the right number when your customer signs up, so you can deliver targeted, personalized messages and promotions with phone number validation API.

Increase user security

Confirm your user’s information and location over their mobile phone number and protect their accounts with phone validator API.

Reduce spending and improve delivery rates with Number Lookup  

Keep a clean database and offer customers better experiences today.