Localize your business communication with Numbers

Be accessible to your customers in over 50 countries with local long numbers or short codes. Set up in minutes via API or web.

Be local around the world

Phone numbers and shortcodes

Create a local presence in over 50 countries with virtual long numbers and short codes. Skip ahead of the line by avoiding local licensing. Cloud-based call forwarding also allows you to be locally accessible, wherever you are.

One number, multiple channels

We offer numbers that are both SMS and call enabled, giving you and your customers the flexibility to choose the channel they prefer.

How do Numbers improve your business?

Being local helps build stronger customer ties, but also helps your business streamline your processes.

Grow your customer base

Make it quick and easy for new customers to opt-in to your services or deals with a recognizable number.

Improve customer support

Assign specific numbers to specialized customer support departments to ensure the best agents are on the job.

Highest standards of compliance

Stay compliant by making it easy for subscribers to opt out with a dedicated number.

Easy shift management

Use two-way messaging between your office and staff to improve organization and staff security.

Optimize internal processes

Reassign tedious tasks by enabling machine-to-machine communication via two-way SMS.

Numbers available in more than 50 countries

Contact an expert to help you get Numbers for your destination.

Contact an expert

Numbers API

Buy and manage your numbers to send and receive messages and voice calls in a compliant manner.

Get chatting with customers in an instant

Local numbers give you direct conversations with your customers over numbers they recognize and trust.

Cut out the middle man

Our self-serve platform lets you buy and manage long numbers or short codes via web or API. Ready to use in an instant with no added technical or commercial setup.

Craft complete customer experiences

Boost customer experience by using Numbers to create automated communication flows with embedded conditional responses designed to react to user replies.

Collect replies

Build rich customer profiles by forwarding their replies via Webhook, email, SMPP or IP address to any server, regardless of channel.

Harness over 15 years of experience with the world’s best connected platform

With industry-leading expertise, you can deliver superb customer experience through our global network.

800+ direct operator connections

Facilitate reliable direct connections and use cases anywhere in the world.

Local numbers

Our global presence allows for you to use local numbers to connect with customers offering them convenience when they need to reach out to you.

40+ data centers

Our worldwide data centers help you keep operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Always-on support

Reach out to our support at any time to ensure you are always able to offer the best Voice interactions for customers 24/7.

Get Numbers from more than 50 countries in minutes

Talk directly with customers in over 50 countries and hear what they have to say.