Grow your business and reach over 70 million users in Vietnam with Zalo

Make your business an intrinsic part of the Vietnamese lifestyle with Zalo. Leverage Vietnam’s premier messaging app to send time-sensitive notifications, OTPs, personalized reminders and transactional messages over API or Infobip Broadcast.

74.7 million

Active Zalo users in Vietnam


Usage rate of Zalo in Vietnam

2 billion

Messages sent over Zalo per day

Convert customers with high deliverability and open rates

Engage with your Vietnamese customers in a localized, budget-friendly manner with over our cutting-edge platform and benefit from an omnichannel failover over SMS, Email, Voice, Viber and Apple Messages for Business.

Send personalized transactional notifications reliably

Our single API and powerful platform takes care of the integration, and managing complexities.

Zalo verified official accounts

Only verified official accounts can communicate with end-users via Zalo channel, providing authenticity, further developing engagement and increasing open rates.

Personalized notifications and reminders

Craft a great customer experience with succinct information, and always keep them updated with account updates, transactional messages, delivery statutes, service/product completion, loyalty program and more.

Various templates to meet businesses’ needs

Businesses can provide information about the purpose of sending the message to the recipients and register the template with Zalo. This allows businesses to create diverse templates for different business scenarios, from time-sensitive updates and personalized reminders to potential marketing promotions about upcoming products/services.

Cost-efficient messaging channel

Saving the high cost of SMS bulk messaging, with Zalo Notification Service (ZNS), businesses can send notifications at a considerably lower price, and only pay when messages are delivered successfully.

Fall back options

Combine Zalo Notification Service (ZNS) with failover option SMS, Email, Voice, Viber and Apple messages for business and ensure messages always reach customers.

Professional support and smooth onboarding

Our local experts will orchestrate an omnichannel communication strategy to expand our clients’ market in Vietnam while providing consultation and guidance on message templates, local compliance, and regulatory market complexities.

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