Anam Protect omnichannel firewall solution

Protect your customers, secure your network, and monetize A2P traffic on any channel with our award-winning omnichannel firewall solution built exclusively for telecoms.

The most connected A2P firewall

1.2 billion

globally protected subscribers


networks securing messaging traffic globally


direct connections to mobile networks around the world

Best-in-class firewall to eliminate grey routes

Protect your A2P revenue and ensure all traffic is properly charged so you can maximize revenue and eliminate grey routes.

Protect customers from suspicious and fraudulent attacks

Secure your customers against SIM box fraudsters and messaging scams by monitoring real-time inbound and outbound traffic using sophisticated filtering and analytical tools.

Increase A2P messaging revenue

Monetize your A2P revenue and scale for growth by ensuring all traffic is charged correctly through accurate traffic segmentation and leakage from grey routes is eliminated.

Secure your subscribers from smishing attacks

Leverage machine learning capabilities to recognize smishing attempts, preempt attacks and block malicious texts in real-time to protect your customers.

Gain real-time traffic insight

Take control of your network with customized traffic segmentation, local and international traffic differentiation, and analytics per brand, industry, and vertical – all from a single web interface.

Filter suspicious traffic with ML and AI-powered fraud protection

Tackle fraud with machine learning algorithms, NLP technology, and advanced analytics capable of identifying and filtering suspicious traffic in real time.

Anam Protect features

Our firewall solution offers MNOs the following capabilities.

Message screening

Filter all types of content, phishing attacks, malware, and illegal sites, and normalize all messaging before entering any network.

Quick and easy integration

Detect typical A2P SMS messages based on content learning and analyze all messages that pass through the filtering process by categorizing them into “spam” “grey messages” and “ham”.

Sender number screening

Short Codes, Long Codes, 10DLC available in more than 90 countries.

Suspicious event notification

Facilitate blocking of any suspicious senders for a set amount of time.

Cloud deployment option

Filter international messages using the Omnichannel Messaging Firewall as a cloud service in combination with Anam Messaging Hub.

Platform and application management

Manage and complete platform operations and maintenance services with 24/7 support ready to solve any problem.

Protect your customers and monetize on every channel

Reliable global reach with the highest level of security

With industry-leading expertise, you can deliver superb customer experience through our global network.

Global Leader in CPaaS

Ranked by Juniper Research, Gartner and IDC ​as a leader in CPaaS

9,700+ global connections

In addition, best-in-class direct connections with 800+ MNOs ensuring great deliverability.

75+ offices on 6 continents

Global experience and local presence provides best-in-class service and solutions

World #1 SMS Firewall

SMS Firewall Vendor for four years running by ROCCO

GSMA Partner

Trusted partner in identity and active security working group

1,000+ Engineers

Dedicated telco product ​development engineers

Protect, monetize, and grow your mobile network and revenue

We secure messaging traffic on over 120 mobile networks protecting 1.1 billion mobile subscribers globally.