Best-in-class SMS firewall

Ensure customer protection on your mobile network with our state-of-the-art SMS Firewall. Maximize revenue, eliminate messaging threats, and monetize traffic with our leading A2P security platform and telco consultants.

Secure and monetize your A2P SMS traffic

Secure your A2P messaging business and customers

Protect your A2P revenue and shield customers from messaging scams by monitoring real-time inbound and outbound traffic from both SS7 and SMPP connections.

Protect customers against SIM box fraud

Secure your customers against SIM box fraudsters with sophisticated filtering and analytical tools. Target and block SIM farm traffic without disrupting legitimate customers.

AI-powered fraud protection

Beat fraud with minimal human effort by using machine learning algorithms, NLP technology, and analytics. This enables us to reliably identify and filter suspicious traffic in real-time and without human error.

Gain real-time traffic insight

Take control of your network with customized traffic segmentation, local and international traffic differentiation, and analytics per brand, industry, and vertical – all from a single web interface.

Leverage our monetization expertise

Our 15+ years of experience and in-depth industry knowledge helps telecoms maximize their A2P traffic revenue from international and local brands.

Usher in an era of secure and fully monetized networks

Secure messaging traffic on over 120 mobile networks serving 1.1 billion mobile subscribers globally.

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Secure your mobile network and revenue

We secure messaging traffic on over 120 mobile networks serving 1.1 billion mobile subscribers. Contact us to protect and monetize your network.