We have gathered all the privacy information and documents that you might need in one place. Read through our Privacy Notice, check out our Cookie Policy, and browse through other policies that might be useful to you. 

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Key privacy documents

Privacy Notice

If you are wondering how we process your personal data, then this is the best place to start! Review our Privacy Notice for detailed information about our processing activities. You can also check below our plain language overview of some of our key privacy practices.

Cookie Policy

Find out how we utilize cookies (the non-edible ones) and how you can manage your cookie consent at any point by reading through our Cookie Policy.

Other information


Check out this section if you are looking for a list of our Sub-processors or if you want to sign up to be notified of any changes to the list. We also provide some additional details here on where we store customer data.

Data transfer agreement

If you need information regarding the updated EU Standard Contractual Clauses or the UK SCC Addendum, then this is the right section for you. Click through to find out how to execute our Data Transfer Agreement.

Data retention notice

Check out this section to find the details about the data retention practices we implement when we process personal data on your behalf. Here you will find the default retention rules we implement, and hhow you can ask us to shorten or extend the default retention rules so it would best suit your needs.

Privacy news

EU region-locked data centre is deployed

For more information on how to start using our EU region-locked data center read the whitepaper below. This white paper outlines Infobip’s position and privacy practices concerning Schrems II’s implications for international transfers of personal data and how Infobip can support customers in their compliance with Schrems II judgment.

Infobip to deploy region-locked EU data centre

With this EU region-locked data centre Infobip will be able to support and empower its customers in complying with the EU data transfer requirements imposed by the Schrems II judgment when using Infobip products and services.