Build premium journeys with Apple Messages for Business

Offer enhanced customer journeys to 1.8 billion active Apple devices worldwide using Apple Messages for Business.

Enhance your communication strategy with Apple Messages for Business

Improve your interactions with customers and drive better business results.


Grow brand visibility

Build your presence on iOS Search when you connect directly from Maps, Search, Siri, and websites on any Apple device – from iPhone and iPad to Mac and Apple Watch.


Boost sales directly in chat

Take a helpful, human approach to selling. Share answers directly through chat and use rich media to give customers the information they need to buy with confidence.


Simplify purchases

Make business with you secure and easy by offering authentication and payment within the Messages app. No interruptions, just a fast and simple checkout process.


Speed up customer service

Redirect calls to a chat and offer 24/7 self-service options for your customers. Save time and agent resources while still providing levels of quality service.


Build better experiences

Connect interactivity to convenience for experiences that increase customer loyalty and lifetime value.

Easily integrate Apple Messages for Business with APIs

Quickly add Apple Messages for Business to your communication stack through our APIs, with low-code options, and offer customers easily accessible customer support.

Amplify your Apple Messages for Business with our cloud applications


Manage all your Apple Messages for Business from a unified workspace where your team can access conversation history, customer profiles, and more to provide personalized support or drive sales.


Build a chatbot to guide customers through their journey or to answer FAQs directly on Apple Messages for Business – and transfer to live agents without losing conversation history or context. 

People CDP

Unify any customer data collected by a chatbot and build detailed profiles to optimize your customer’s journey.

Secure transactions with Apple Messages for Business features

Create more engaging experiences and smoother user journeys on a single chat app.

Enrich conversations with Apple Messages for Business

Create more engaging experiences and smoother user journeys on a single chat app.

Messages for Business Forms

Boost conversational customer experience with Message Forms and supercharge existing rich features.

Message Forms use standard Apple interface elements, such as tappable items with single or multiple selections, and day-picker wheels, which iOS users are already familiar with.

Assist customers through their entire journey

From initial inquiry to product delivery, interact with customers and build better experiences using Apple Messages for Business.


Enable authentication options

Simplify and speed up processes by enabling registration confirmations, direct login, or two-factor authentication directly through chat.


Replace calls with messages

Reduce inbound phone call volume by offering Message Suggest and build a simple FAQ chatbot. Give your customers immediate answers to common questions and enable agent takeover when needed.


Showcase your product offering

Use a list picker to provide customers with a complete view of your product offerings. Connect your list picker with Apple Pay to support the entire purchasing journey.


Offer assisted shopping

Assist your customers in selecting the appropriate product or service based on the information collected from Message Forms. Send a 3D file of a product to simulate the experience they would have in the store.


Resolve issues in chat

Allow your customers to share all the details about issues they are experiencing through Forms. If a chatbot cannot resolve the issue, a live agent can take over and call back the customer using the responses submitted through Forms.

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