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increase in Messenger interactions for transportation industry

Source: Messaging trends 2022 (Infobip)

2.93 billion

monthly active users on Facebook

Source: Statista

450 billion

interactions per year over Infobip’s platform

Source: Infobip

Everything you need in one marketing solution

Reach more customers, drive conversions, and deliver memorable customer experiences every time.

Implement a unified digital marketing strategy

  • Manage all your communication channels from a single interface
  • Implement true omnichannel communication with enterprise tools
  • Make optimum use of cost-effective digital channels and increase ROI
  • Create seamless offline, online, and mobile experiences for customers
  • Introduce proven conversational marketing strategies
  • Use automation and chatbots to reduce costs and elevate the customer experience
  • Continually improve and evolve with detailed metrics and campaign insights

Benefit from becoming a data-driven organization

  • Unify all your customer and marketing data in a single customer data platform (CDP)
  • Increase conversion rates with hyper-personalized customer experiences
  • Continually enrich customer profiles after every interaction
  • Maximize customer lifetime value (CLV) by identifying every upsell and cross-sell opportunity
  • Reduce customer churn with early detection based on customer behavior

Build a flexible and scalable marketing solution

  • Benefit from open, flexible, and comprehensive APIs and SDKs
  • Create innovative solutions for specific industries backed up by our proven technology and services
  • Customizable solutions for all businesses, from start-ups to enterprise customers
  • Explore new channels and integrate our messaging tools into your own solutions
  • Easily integrate with existing systems and infrastructure

Take your business global

  • Benefit from our global coverage and unmatched network of telecoms partners
  • Explore new markets and opportunities supported by our experienced local professional services
  • Remain compliant wherever you operate

Provide an exceptional customer experience

Personalize every interaction across every channel, increase conversion rates, and keep your customers engaged.

Lead generation

  • Track website users and use their browsing behavior to create targeted communications
  • Deploy cross-channel campaigns for maximum reach and a consistent customer experience
  • Introduce chatbots to capture and nurture leads at scale 24/7

Hyper-personalized communication

  • Continuously enhance customer profiles to increase segmentation accuracy
  • Use behavioral data to trigger real-time messages in response to customer actions
  • Recommend products based on purchase history and preferences
  • Maximize revenue opportunities with back-in-stock alerts and effective cart abandonment strategies.

Conversational marketing and commerce

  • Maximize conversions by offering the right support for every stage of the customer journey with agents and chatbots
  • Use the native features of chat apps and digital channels to engage customers one-to-one in original and effective ways.
  • Enable customers to browse, select, and complete product purchases without leaving chat.

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Global reach and local presence with 24/7 support in your local language.

Privacy and compliance

Ensured data privacy and compliance with all enterprise-level certificates and regular security audits.

Service continuity

SLA-backed 99.9% uptime for unparalleled service continuity via clustered architecture with geo-redundancy

Simple registration

Fast and easy sender registration process

9,700+ global connections

And 800+ direct operator connections to facilitate reliable messaging and use cases anywhere in the world.

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