Embed and customize calls across applications with Voice API

Quickly provision and deploy a call scenario or custom build your own voice solution with flexible and granular APIs on the most extensive and scalable global network.

The world’s most comprehensive direct connection network

10 billion +

monthly minutes


countries covered for local numbers


global connections

Together with Peerless




network reliability

20 million +

phone numbers in use

Embed pre-made Voice scenarios

Launch low-code Voice scenarios and get to market faster.

Voice messages

Grab the attention of users with automated voice calls.

Send audio files directly to end users on mobile or landline and choose from single, multiple or advanced voice messages to send to various destinations.  

  • Pre-recorded audio files  
  • Text-to-speech features  
  • Over 100 languages
Voice API flight notifications


Efficiently route inbound or outbound calls.

Allow customers to access self-serve IVR menus over Voice to speed up time to resolution and reach the person, department or information they need efficiently.

  • Recorded calls 
  • Efficient call routing 
  • Personalization options  
Voice IVR


Offer easy access to customer service on your app or website.

Embed Voice capabilities into your app or website and easily connect two phone numbers to start a conversation using a single API.  

  • Keep all numbers private 
  • Detailed call reporting via API Delivery Reports
  • Integrate pre-made scenario  
  • Create your own scenario 
Voice API help center

Number Masking

Enhance user safety with calls that anonymize genuine phone numbers.

Replace a user’s actual number with a virtual one and enable safe two-way calling while preventing data leaks.  

  • Record voice calls 
  • Enable call-back feature 
  • Use with click-to-call 
Voice API - Number masking


Improve user experience with live calls over the web.

Enable two-way audio calls with a unique URL with Call Link, letting end users get connected to a WebRTC support agent or to predefined target phone number in an instant, without having to pre-install any application on their devices. 

  • Between web browser or mobile app users  
  • Between web or mobile app users and regular phone users 
  • Between web or mobile app users and SIP endpoints 
  • One to one calls as well as conferencing up to 15 participants 
WebRTC with Voice API

SIP trunking

Scale your voice communications to any worldwide destination.

With a single provider, connect to every country around the world by running your current phone system over an internet connection.  

  • Expand reach with global connectivity 
  • Use local numbers  
  • Reroute calls to a cloud contact center 
Voice API - worldwide SIP trunking

Build your very own call scenarios with Voice API

Craft inbound and outbound call scenarios with our fully customizable API and gain total control and visibility when creating the perfect Voice solution.  

  • 60+ granular APIs 
  • 50 events  
  • 100 languages available
  • 24/7 integration support 

Build end-to-end communication with customers worldwide

Quickly implement the ideal Voice solution and offer your customers personal human-to-human interactions.

Integration made simple

Easily integrate our Voice API to your communication stack with no friction. You can reduce expenses and ensure that your Voice solutions are up and running in no time.

Worldwide Voice connections

With 800+ direct operator connections we can connect you with customers over Voice anywhere and ensure you always provide high quality and locally compliant Voice calls.

Make it personal

Resolve urgent issues over Voice. A human-to-human connection helps customers feel that their queries are being dealt with immediately and gives customers a personalized experience with agents.

Elevate your CX with advanced features in our Voice solution

From our subsidiary company.

Check Peerless Network

SIP Trunking (Session Initiation Protocal)

Enjoy seamless, secure, and instant collaboration with teams and customers.

BYOC (Bring Your Own Carrier)

Move your communications to the cloud using Peerless’ IP network. We bring you a proven BYOC solution.

Operator connect for Microsoft Teams

Quickly modernize company communication and collaboration efforts with solutions and remote work initiatives.


Our Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) takes distributed, software-defined routing, or traditional SD-WAN, to a new level with exceptional cost savings.

Engage customers in personalized digital interactions with Voice features


Record Voice conversations with customers and save them for reference or training purposes in the future.

Answering machine detection

Automatically detect when an answering machine picks up a Voice call to avoid paying for interactions that did not reach a customer.

Text-to-speech and speech-to-text

Turn text-to-speech or vice-versa for urgent alerts, customer service or any other Voice automated interactions in over 100 languages.


Add multiple people to a Voice call with ease and ensure all parties are involved in the right conversations.

Media streaming

Stream audio from any call to external systems using websocket and enable audio filtering or NLP processing of your calls.

Orchestrate engaging Voice interactions without extensive coding

Connect with customers anywhere in the world. Use local numbers, offer convenience and seamless engagement to quickly build Voice scenarios without any coding experience.

Customer engagement solution

Create event or behavior triggered workflows with Voice and keep your customers up to date on security alerts or messages with Moments.

Cloud contact center

Offer customers human-to-human interactions with Voice on Conversations. Live agents can have a full view of past interactions and offer better customer support over Voice.

The Infobip advantage

With industry-leading expertise, you can deliver superb customer experiences through our global network.

9,700+ global connections

Reach customers worldwide and offer quality Voice calls while staying compliant to local laws and benefit from 800+ direct operator connections.

40+ data centers

Your calls will have the stability and low latency your business needs to connect with customers all over the world with Voice.

Largest global Voice network

Our extensive Voice network in private cloud makes us your one-stop-shop. With our global footprint in all major markets, especially USA and India, we are the best choice for all you Voice requirements.

Local numbers

Our global presence allows for you to use local numbers to connect with customers, offering them convenience when they need to reach out to you.

Always-on support

Reach out to our support at any time to ensure you are always able to offer the best Voice interactions for customers 24/7.

Start building your unique Voice solution today