Expand your conversational potential on KakaoTalk for business

Improve your reach in South Korea by connecting with customers on KakaoTalk for conversational sales, marketing and support.

Grow your brand presence and amplify engagement

Be where your customers are and interact with them on South Korea’s number one chat app.

53 million

monthly active users

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market share

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Elevate your business communications with KakaoTalk

Impress your South Korean audience with these rich features.

Connect to South Korean customers and bring your engagement to the next level.

Integrate and interact on a flexible API

Integrate Kakao Business API into your existing systems or choose our Conversations API to provide omnichannel customer support and start crafting creative interactions and meaningful communication over KakaoTalk.

Digitalize more touchpoints with KakoTalk Biz Messaging

With three message types from KakaoTalk you can digitally transform your customer journey.

AlimTalk – Notification Talk

Send personalized notifications and reminders to elevate your post-sales messages to customers.

  • Transactional messages
  • Payment and renewal reminders
  • Shipping and delivery notifications
  • Loyalty point reminders
  • Booking confirmations
  • Boarding pass and check-in notifications
  • Appointment reminders

ChinguTalk – Friend Talk

With promotional messages from KakaoTalk you can increase engagement and boost sales across the customer journey.

  • Back-in-stock notifications 
  • Abandoned cart reminders 
  • Welcome messages 
  • Loyalty program updates 
  • Promotional offers 
  • Special coupons  
  • New product arrivals  
  • Last-minute deals

SangdamTalk – Consultation Talk

Enable real-time conversational customer support over KakaoTalk, and offer your cusotmer convenient and fast service at any point in their journey.

  • Account status notifications
  • Support for complaints
  • Monthly financial statements
  • Appointment booking and reminders

The Infobip advantage

With industry-leading expertise, we can help you deliver superb customer experiences over KakaoTalk. 

SMS as a failover

We can ensure your messages are always delivered by offering KakaoTalk with SMS as a fallback channel. 

Highest standards of compliance

Our solution is available over API and Conversations while applying both GDPR and localized GSMA ensuring you are always locally compliant. 

Always-on support

Reach out to our support at any time to ensure you are always able to offer the best engagement for customers 24/7. 

Create conversational experiences on South Korea’s must-have chat app