Engage every customer|anywhere globally|at any touchpoint|on every channel
with the most connected
communication platform

Why thousands of enterprises choose Infobip

Infobip is the trusted cloud communications platform for enterprises that care about their customers’ experience, security and privacy. We empower businesses to increase customer engagement, security and privacy through tailored, secure and data-driven communications that help build lifelong loyalty. The result is increased effectiveness and efficiency of your CX efforts.

Reach customers on every channel, anywhere

Connect with your customers on every channel and at the right time. Choose from 18+ channels and ensure deliverability with our 9,700+ global connections.  

Communicate consistently across the customer journey

Unify all your customer communication in one place and delight customers at every touchpoint. All this over one platform!

Turn your customer journeys into conversational experiences

Engage with your customers from acquisition, marketing, sales and support in a conversational manner over their favorite chat apps.

Compliant with privacy and security requirements

Our certificates, 40+ data centers and thousands of customers including 800+ banks are proof we take compliance seriously.

Continuously improve ROMI, NPS, CSAT and other KPIs

Improve continuously using our built-in analytics tools or integrating with your business intelligence systems.

Get full control and agility with low code and no-code options

Automate communication using our developer friendly APIs or business user friendly software applications.

Incease effeciveness and efficiency of your communication with customers

Trusted by customers

Take your customer journey to the next level with our services

Professional services  

Our Professional Services help guide you through the entire process. From initial consultations through integration and implementation, to training and onboarding – we’re here to help you make the most of your solutions.  

CX Consultancy 

Our CX Consultancy offers a range of services to help your business improve their customer experience using advanced communication technologies and best practices to suit your environment. 

Transform your customer journey with our products

Faster time to market and lower TCO with integrations

Use integrations with leading customer relationship management and marketing applications to increase return on your investment.

Transform your communications to increase revenue, and decrease cost while being compliant