Amplify your omnichannel mix with Messenger chat support

Use Messenger over our cloud contact center and chatbot-building platform to turn your Facebook page into a direct customer support channel.

Expand your reach and engage with customers worldwide

Implement Messenger chat support globally over our cloud solutions or API. Be available to billions of active Facebook users by meeting them where they are.


increase in Messenger interactions within the transportation industry

Source: Messaging trends 2022 (Infobip)

2.93 billion

monthly active users on Facebook

Source: Statista

20 billion

messages sent monthly between businesses and customers

Source: Facebook

Personalize and automate Messenger chat support

With a chatbot-building platform and cloud contact center, you can craft ideal customer support experiences for your audience.

Chatbot building platform for always-on support

With Answers, you can design and deploy a virtual assistant that meets your customers’ needs. Allow customers to access self-service flows to get their queries answered on Messenger.

  • Booking appointments
  • Follow up messages
  • Collect customer feedback
Cloud contact center for personalized interactions

With Conversations, live agents can manage multiple interactions at once over Messenger. They can offer personalized and reliable support over a chat app they know and love.

  • Support while placing an order
  • Booking, rescheduling, or canceling appointments
  • Product availability and information
  • Delivery information

Engage with your Facebook audience

Transform your Facebook page into an entry point for customers to start a conversation with your brand. Allow customers to contact your business directly from your Facebook page and offer easily accessible support 24/7.

Once a customer has initiated a conversation, they have opted in to receive messages from your brand over the next 7 days, allowing you to resolve their queries and follow up.

Level-up your Messenger conversations

Discover features that help you engage with customers and offer better customer support on a single channel.

Multiple entry points

Using different entry points encourages customers to reach out to your business with easy and convenient access to Messenger.

Fast and simple replies

With predefined quick replies and buttons, customers can quickly reply to your brand and experience fast and easy engagement over Messenger.

Rich media

Send images, videos, audio files, and documents over Messenger to provide customers with all the information they need on one channel.

Carousel displays

Brands can showcase their products in Messenger through a carousel and offer customers an easier way to explore product details right in the chat.

Boost chat support over Messenger

Be where your customers are and offer them elevated customer service throughout their customer journey.


Turn Facebook comments into conversations

Take advantage of your brand’s Facebook page reach by replying to comments on your posts or in Messenger with Conversations.

Address concerns privately

Redirect customers to a private chat in Messenger with the help of our cloud contact center, Conversations. Agents can seamlessly transfer customers from Facebook posts to Messenger and offer better support while addressing their concerns.

Live agent support

Agents can monitor and reply to comments on Facebook posts through Conversations to ensure all customer queries are answered promptly.

Available on a single dashboard

Facebook posts and Messenger conversations are easily manageable from a single dashboard on Conversations. Agents can oversee multiple conversations at once and offer better customer support.

Get started on our fully programmable API

Add any channel to your existing systems and elevate your customer experiences in no time.

Provide personalized Messenger chat support

See how Messenger can expand your customer support capabilities and drive better engagement for your business.