Reliable, secure and cost-effective messaging for the transportation industry

Automate your way to a superior customer experience with a global communication partner that can ensure reliable, fast, and scalable messaging solutions for any transportation and logistics use case.

Unlock the benefits of digital transformation for your transportation or logistics business

Unlock efficiency optimizations and cost reductions with an omnichannel communication solution.

Efficient product and people movement and an exceptional omnichannel customer service

  • Communicate on your customers’ preferred channels including SMS, WhatsApp, and Viber
  • Leverage the reduced cost of digital channels for service messages
  • Guarantee that key messages are always delivered
  • Ensure customer loyalty with messaging that is quick, reliable, and always relevant
  • Enable two-way real-time communication with customers on their preferred channels
  • Ensure that key messages are always delivered with automatic failover on selected channels
  • Exceed customer’s expectations with quick, reliable, and always relevant communication

Secure transactions and protect your customers and employee

  • Build trust with easy and reliable authentication on your customers’ preferred channels
  • Use number masking to ensure privacy and security for customer and employee interactions
  • Remain compliant with local data privacy laws in all the regions that you operate
  • Benefit from the same transaction security used by international banks and financial institutions.

Introduce automation to provide a better service at scale

  • Automate employee onboarding and authentication with chatbots
  • Use chatbots for immediate and 24/7 customer service and issue resolution
  • Enhance your service with timely reminders, notifications, and alerts when changes occur
  • Scale your operations with AI and ensure the same quality of service through demand peak

Build the perfect solution for your transport industry use case

A flexible and comprehensive API that enables you to build your perfect customer service solution.

Iterate as you grow. Add more channels. Support more customers.

We understand that delivering an exceptional service is so much more than being on time

Support your business with secure, timely, and personalized communication for every use case.


Safety, security, and exceptional customer service

  • Use number masking to ensure privacy and secure customer and employee interactions
  • Use OTPs for fast and reliable authentication by SMS
  • Keep customers informed with real-time notifications and reminders
  • Use cost-effective digital channels for transactional messages
  • Promote and manage loyalty programs
  • Encourage customer feedback and reviews


Deliver a flexible, reliable, and customer-centric service

  • Support the unique requirements of people, food, and parcel movement
  • Provide hyper-accurate delivery tracking and status information
  • Send personalized and relevant marketing and promotional messages
  • Support click-and-collect for cost savings and increased customer satisfaction


Create exceptional experiences from booking to touch down and beyond

  • Send immediate booking confirmations
  • Provide conversational customer support on digital channels
  • Keep travelers informed with pre-flight information
  • Send check-in and security reminders
  • Provide flight status updates and notifications
  • Send targeted upgrade and cross-sell promotions

Reliable global reach with the highest level of security

With industry-leading expertise, you can deliver superb customer experience through our global network.

24/7 Support

Global reach and local presence with 24/7 support in your local language.

Privacy and compliance

Ensured data privacy and compliance with all enterprise-level certificates and regular security audits.

Service continuity

SLA-backed 99.9% uptime for unparalleled service continuity via clustered architecture with geo-redundancy

Simple registration

Fast and easy sender registration process

9,700+ global connections

And 800+ direct operator connections to facilitate reliable messaging and use cases anywhere in the world.

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