Accept appointment bookings on WhatsApp

Offer customers a simpler way to book, reschedule and cancel appointments while avoiding calls over WhatsApp Business Platform.

Allow customers to book appointments over their favorite channel

WhatsApp enables you to provide customers with booking options that help them avoid call queues and quicken the process.

Your customers want to interact with your business over WhatsApp. Offer them more interactions and possibilities by adding appointment booking to your self-service options.

Book, reschedule and cancel appointments on the same channel

You can offer customers simpler journeys, and convenient bookings with 24-hour support. Ensure your customers are satisfied by helping them avoid long waiting times for your front desk or call center.

WhatsApp features help elevate the appointment booking process by streamlining interactions, automating slow operations and meeting your customers’ expectations.

How to offer appointment bookings on WhatsApp Business Platform

Ensure your customers can easily reach you

Offer multiple points of entry so that customers can instantly reach out to your business when they are ready to book an appointment. Opt-in entry points include:

  • Scannable QR codes
  • Click to WhatsApp ads on Facebook or Instagram
  • WhatsApp buttons on your website

Let customers book appointments instantly within the app over a chatbot or with a live agent

With a chatbot, WhatsApp appointment bookings are automated and made simple with list messages that provide customers with a variety of timeslots to choose from:

  • Customers send an initial message inquiring about booking an appointment
  • A chatbot replies with a list of available time slots the customer can choose from
  • The customer chooses a time slot
  • The chatbot confirms the booking
  • Let your agent take over at any time if necessary

Alternatively, if the list of available timeslots don’t correspond with your customer’s schedule, they can easily be transferred to a live agent who can take over the conversation and assist with finalizing a booking time.

Integrate WhatsApp Business Platform API in an instant

Start unlocking opportunities to scale communications and grow engagement with a flexible API supported by developers.

  • Access detailed API documentation
  • Get 24/7 integration support
  • Create custom message templates

Discover the benefits of appointment booking over WhatsApp

Reduce costs

By adding WhatsApp to your communication stack, you can help reduce customer service costs and help improve agent productivity.

Automate administrative processes

Allowing customers to book appointments on WhatsApp helps you digitally transform your business processes. Automating administrative tasks helps reduce the workload of customer service agents and speeds up the time to finalize bookings.

Increase conversions

By adding a convenient and fast way to book and change appointments, you can satisfy customers, impress leads, provide a smooth onboarding process and help improve your overall conversion rates.

Simplify processes

Allowing customers to book appointments any time they please helps avoid time constraints on calls, speeds up the booking process and ensures business and customers can avoid missed appointments with self-serve booking options on WhatsApp.

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