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Ride-hailing company Bolt aims to boost conversion through driver registration journey

Ride-hailing company Bolt is making waves in the transportation industry. The billion-dollar, Estonia-based company gives people a fast, affordable way to move around cities in Europe, Africa, Western Asia, and Latin America.

At the heart of its operations is a large and thriving community of more than 1.5 million registered drivers.

Expanding this community of drivers is key to Bolt’s ongoing success as the company continues to grow and scale.

That’s why the company was keen to optimize the driver registration process to further increase the conversion rate (i.e. the percentage of drivers who complete registration after starting the process).

The existing registration process was a five-stage website form. Analytics showed that drivers who abandoned the process mostly did so when they reached the step where they’re asked to upload their identification and driver license documents.

To try and re-engage these drivers, the team was using channels such as email and SMS, but this strategy was not providing high return on investment and involved a lot of manual effort from customer support agents.

Bolt therefore wanted to use automation and an additional communication channel with wide market adoption to drive efficiencies and increase the percentage of drivers who complete registration.

A screenshot of the Bolt driver registration form


Customer engagement solution brings automation and efficiency to driver registration

To help Bolt improve the registration experience and hit its conversion targets, we developed an optimized driver registration process over WhatsApp, powered by:

  • our chatbot-building platform, Answers;
  • our cloud contact center solution, Conversations; and
  • our omnichannel customer engagement hub, Moments.

Now drivers can complete the entire registration process using a chat app they know and trust. A chatbot guides drivers through the entire journey, while live agents process drivers’ information.

These agents are also on hand to provide additional assistance where needed, taking insights from chatbot conversation histories, thanks to the close integration between Answers and Conversations.

Meanwhile, advanced analytics powered by Moments allow the team to track where drivers abandon the registration process and send automated reminders to bring them back into the journey.

Mobile phone showing WhatsApp exchange between chatbot and driver
Phone showing WhatsApp chatbot / driver exchange
Example of a driver / chatbot exchange via WhatsApp

Together, our flexible, cloud-based technologies provide a host of business benefits:

  • A better experience for drivers: drivers can quickly and easily complete their registration without needing to contact Bolt staff. The chatbot makes it easy for drivers to upload and send rich media and complete registration outside contact center opening hours. Agents are on-hand to provide additional assistance where needed.
  • A better experience for agents: automating customer service across the registration journey minimizes the manual effort required to convert leads into registered drivers. This improves the agent experience by reducing the number of repetitive tasks and allowing them to process drivers’ information and documents using a single workspace.
  • Lower operational costs: WhatsApp is a more cost-effective way to reconnect with drivers and, with the help of the chatbot, Bolt can process a higher volume of registrations.
  • An even more customer-centric approach: customer-centricity is at the heart of Bolt’s business and our solutions are helping to support this with new communication channels – from WhatsApp Business Platform, to Messenger – and with additional opportunities to automatically and proactively re-engage drivers.


Optimized registration process boosts conversion rate by 40%

The optimized driver registration process enabled Bolt to achieve its goals and secure a 40% rise in conversion rate.

Thanks to Infobip’s flexible and scalable SaaS suite, Bolt can offer a superior experience to drivers and staff alike:

  • Drivers can use a mobile messaging app they already know and trust to register in a fast, friendly, and efficient way.
  • Agents can handle a higher volume of inquiries and enjoy a reduction in repetitive, manual tasks.
  • Bolt can support drivers at every step in the registration and proactively bring lost leads back into the registration process, right where they left off.

This data-driven, customer-centric, and scalable approach to driver onboarding and engagement gives Bolt the real-time insights it needs to continually improve these experiences.

Thanks to its successful trial in South Africa, the solution was scaled and rolled out to an additional eight countries in Africa and Europe.

Bolt is now looking to further optimize the registration journey and add additional channels to boost its driver acquisition efforts and deliver a localized approach in each region.

Infobip helped us improve the way we register and onboard drivers using WhatsApp. We used Answers, Conversations, and Moments to enhance our driver registration process and achieve additional growth in conversions. Together, these technologies mean we can deliver better experiences to drivers and optimize internal processes. Our strong partnership with Infobip helps support the company’s rapid growth.

Yev Baluyeva

Lifecycle Marketing Manager, Bolt

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Company profile


Bolt is a transportation platform providing ride-hailing, micromobility, and food delivery services, with the help of its more than 1.5 million registered drivers. Headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, it operates in more than 200 cities across 40 countries in Europe, Africa, Western Asia, and Latin America. Used by 50 million happy customers, Bolt’s ride-hailing services provide a fast and affordable way to move around cities. The company is committed to helping cities improve mobility, minimize car ownership, and reduce urban pollution.