Flamingo: Increased conversions, NPS score, and customer ratings with our contact center solution – Conversations


increase in online sales conversion rate


increase in NPS score


Time-consuming voice calls led to overwhelmed agents and negative customer feedback

When the global pandemic hit, Flamingo’s call center experienced an increase in customer queries and found it difficult to maintain the same level of customer satisfaction and service quality as before.

On a regular day, Flamingo had 12 to 15 agents handling incoming calls from customers. Before and during the pandemic, Flamingo’s agents felt overwhelmed for a few reasons:

  • Many queries were the same or similar, so agents were repeating answers to several customers
  • Voice calls were time consuming and limited the number of customers an agent could help in a day, since they could only help one at a time
  • Agents found it difficult to understand the extent of customers’ needs in a short amount of time
  • Spending most of the workday on repetitive queries took agents’ focus away from more complex queries

All of these challenges combined resulted in negative customer feedback due to bad response time. Customers wanted to get information in real time and with less effort.

Flamingo’s key goal to adapt to a now digital world was to move from serving customers over Voice calls only to providing support over chat channels as well. The expected outcome was to reduce hold times and call center costs connected with expensive voice calls.

The Colombian retailer needed a solution that would help them provide faster real-time customer service and automate processes.


Implementing Infobip’s digital contact center solution and building a self-service chatbot

To begin its contact center digital transformation, Flamingo wanted to focus on its financial services customers. The retailer knew these customers preferred chatting with brands on WhatsApp and wanted to introduce this as a new customer service channel.

Flamingo was looking for a solution that would give agents a 360-degree view of clients and had natively integrated chat channels, such as WhatsApp.

With Infobip’s cloud contact center, Conversations, Flamingo agents received a single view solution that gave them access to ongoing conversations and complete chat history, along with customer details – such as purchase history.

The Colombian retailer was up and running with the solution in less than a week, and was confident it found a reliable, certified provider.

Flamingo’s first step was to offload simple queries from agents. To do this, the retailer set up a WhatsApp keyword chatbot that provides instant responses to queries pertaining to financial services and payment arrangements.

Flamingo Colombia chatbots

In cases where a customer can’t find the answers they’re looking for when chatting with the chatbot, they get redirected to a live agent for further assistance.

Now, Flamingo customers experience a smooth, automated level of service when they contact the company’s WhatsApp chatbot to:

  • Check their balance 
  • Generate tax certificates 
  • Receive store information 
  • Receive credit relief information

Most importantly, customers can complete their purchase directly through chat using payment links or links to Flamingo’s eCommerce site – letting agents focus on more complex queries.


More conversions, a higher NPS score, and satisfied customers

Since implementing Infobip’s contact center solution, Conversations, Flamingo was able to meet new customer demand. Since the pandemic shifted customers’ preferred way to communicate, more queries were sent online, leading Flamingo to re-employ brick and mortar employees as remote agents – growing its contact center from 8 agents to 28 agents.

Increase number of remote agents

A few weeks after moving its contact center to the cloud, introducing new chat channels, implementing a WhatsApp chatbot, and giving agents a single interface to access all relevant data, Flamingo saw significant results:

  • The retailer’s conversion rate for online sales, which used to be approximately 2%, grew to 13% 
  • The company’s NPS score grew 21% in April and an additional 39% in June 
  • Ratings from their customer surveys used to be 1 to 3 stars and are now, on average, 4 or 5 stars 
How to increase NPS in retail like Flamingo Colombia

Additionally, sales completed through Conversations resulted in up to 2% of total sales nationwide.

Overall, Flamingo’s contact center experienced:

  • Improved customer satisfaction 
  • Improved agent productivity 
  • Reduced costs connected to voice calls 
    Improved first contact resolution 
  • Improved response time 
  • Higher sales 

Now, Flamingo customers leave positive reviews pertaining to the company’s fast and convenient customer service – and Flamingo agents are happy they have a user-friendly and easy-to-onboard solution.

Infobip’s Conversations solution helped us grow our business during the global pandemic. Our customers are satisfied with the fast and convenient customer service, and our agents are happy they have a user-friendly and easy-to-onboard solution. We are excited to add more channels for customer communication in the future after the great results derived from our WhatsApp chatbot.

Claudia Constanza Wilches

IT and Supply Manager

Company Profile


Flamingo is a Colombian retail company counting several stores nationwide, with a rich portfolio of products including clothing, footwear, cosmetics and personal care products, jewelry, mobile phones, hardware, and furniture. The retailer expanded its business with a web shop and financial services, and currently caters to 5.3 million clients.