Kibon: Increased campaign ROI and conversion with Infobip’s customer engagement solution


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Streamline B2B communications and campaign management for a tech savvy audience

Kibon brought Unilever’s trademarked heart-shaped logo to every high street in Brazil, bringing joy with some of the nation’s favorite ice creams like Magnum. 

Helping them do this are their network of business partners including bakeries, bars, and cafeterias across the country. From having the heart-branded refrigerators to selling the ice-creams these business partners have been key to reaching Kibon’s customers.

However, with these business partners switching to digital forms of communication, Kibon had to find new ways to streamline their B2B communications to make the customer journey easy – from purchase to maintenance.

The challenge was to find the right technology partner and communication channel to help them:

  • Provide real-time assistance to their business partners
  • Quickly launch campaigns
  • Increase customer engagement and retention
  • Expedite their digital transformation journey


Infobip’s customer engagement solution powers data-driven campaigns over WhatsApp Business Platform 

With WhatsApp being the most popular channel among their business partners, Kibon partnered with Infobip in implementing the chat app to improve and speed up their customer service.

To give the brand a persona over WhatsApp, Kibon introduced Kiki – their virtual assistant that helped resolve their business partners’ queries in real-time.

To help Kiki provide a personalized experience across the customer journey and increase sales, we powered WhatsApp Business Platform with:

The simplicity and intuitiveness of Moments enabled Kibon to build automated workflows to cover the entire business partner journey. Moments, natively in-built customer data platform ensured the messages were personalized and segmented based on behavior and demographics right from product purchase or service request, updates, payments to offers.

This helped improve campaign efficiency and improve time to value. Along with that the collection of interaction data helped inform future marketing campaigns and customer service representatives.

While Moments helped in engaging business partners, Conversations improved customer service. If Kiki couldn’t answer a question, Conversations ensured seamless transfer to a live agent who was able to assist the partner. The cloud contact center solution also made sure the agent had a single view of the partners conversation history to provide contextual support.

This partnership between Kibon and Infobip was further elevated by our platform’s reports that helped evaluate the processes and make changes to the messaging workflow. And our Professional Services team worked with Kibon from design to implementation of WhatsApp Business Platform throughout the customer journey.


Personalized marketing campaigns results in 10% conversion rate

The implementation of WhatsApp Business Platform powered by Moments and Conversations helped Kibon accelerate their digital transformation journey along with streamlining their business partner communications.

Quicker customer support

Being available on their business partners favorite channels saw a reduction in the average ticket opening time – to 3 minutes, which resulted in an increase of using WhatsApp Business Platform from 6% to 11%.

30,000% ROI (Return on Investment) generated in three days

To run marketing campaigns, Kibon integrated Moments to their Instagram account to increase WhatsApp opt-ins. The goal of the campaign was to reengage customers and activate sales for Magnum ice creams.

To raise awareness Kibon posted videos over Instagram sharing the secret behind creating Magnum. This was further amplified by Moments, that allowed Kibon to segment and target customers who hadn’t made a purchase in 30 days. These business partners were invited to watch the video with a personalized message on WhatsApp.

This personalized approach saw:

  • 95% business partners receiving the message
  • 74% of them viewing the campaign

This resulted in a 10% conversion rate and an ROI of over 30,000% for the three-day campaign. And the best part was, Kibon achieved these targets without the need of offering discounts.

On the back of this campaign our Professional Services team are working closely with Kibon to create more innovative campaigns.

Infobip is a true partner that understands our business needs and provides always-on support to help us create innovative customer journeys and campaigns. WhatsApp Business Platform powered by Moments and Conversations over the Infobip Platform provides a cost-effective digital infrastructure with good UK. In addition, them being complaint with the General Data Protection Law is what makes them a strategic partner for Unilever and Kibon.

Mariana Zandoná

Global Digital & Ecommerce B2B Manager at Unilever

Company profile:


Kibon has been a beloved ice cream brand in Brazil for 80 years with the purpose of building a happier and more inclusive world one street at a time. It is a part of Unilever and is responsible for some of the most famous ice cream brands in the country, such as Cornetto and Magnum.