Retailo: Elevating CX and growing revenue with Infobip


cost reduction


improvement in appointment show-up rate


increase in overall revenue


Congested call center leaving customers out of the loop

As the size and scope of the business continued to grow, Retailo still had barriers to overcome.

They identified that they lacked clear and consistent channels of communication needed to further elevate quality of communication with their retailers.

Additionally, the existing call center was unable to handle an influx of requests.

This resulted in increased waiting periods for customers, causing frustration, while also costing Retalio precious opportunities needed to help build business in the establishment phase. 

To appease their retail network, continue expanding their network, and build a resounding reputation, Retailo needed a scalable, value-driven way to communicate.

The scope was broad – the solution needed to effectively distribute necessary information with multiple companies regularly, especially topics such as price lists and SKU availability which are updated daily.


Future-proof platform by making the switch to Conversations contact center solution

Retailo selected our Conversations as its go-to customer service platform.

WhatsApp, natively integrated into Conversations, was the channel of choice due to its prevalence, significant market penetration, ease of use, and its ability to keep interactions simple and hassle-free.

Understanding the richness local dialects and language brings to its customers, Retailo opted to use Urdu Roman (which is Urdu written in English letters) to keep the lines of communication clear since it was the preferred language of their local network. 

Retailo’s sales teams use Conversations to communicate business-critical information with companies each day, especially price lists which alter daily.


An all-encompassing transformation with 100% deliverability and 50% cost reduction

Retailo deploy quality engagement with their client base that has catapulted customer trust towards the B2B Marketplace provider.

With 100% deliverability Retailo was able to reduce costs by 50%.

Expanding their customer service also helped their business expansion.

Today, Retailo is the biggest Conversations client in Pakistan.

Their own customer care team has grown successfully and handles hundreds of direct communications from their customer base of 50,000+ active retailers. 

Retailo wanted an international service provider that would help them increase delivery rates and maintain a high level of quality when it comes to customer support.

Infobip’s SMS and Voice solutions have helped the company improve its appointment show-up rate by 10% and overall revenue by 5%.

Lastly, Infobip’s comprehensive reporting structure helped Retailo keep a keen eye out for any possible campaign optimizations.

The solution empowered our agents to serve our customers on a channel they are familiar with and comfortable engaging on. Infobip understood our challenge and was patient in delivering the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution. Working with Infobip has made the process of moving from local WhatsApp to Business WhatsApp smoother and the implementation easy to integrate, understand, and execute. As a client-centric company, we carefully select and introduce new services to meet our customers’ growing demand for prompt and accurate responses. Introducing the WhatsApp business has reduced the distance between us and our clients!

Dania Anwar

Customer Experience Manager

Company Profile


Founded in July 2020 and headquartered in Riyadh, Retailo currently operates in Pakistan and KSA and has quickly expanded to 700+ employees spread across 8 cities. Retailo is the fastest-growing B2B startup in MENA and Pakistan and has digitized retail supply chains in the region. Currently serving over 35,000 active retailers that can access more than 2,000 SKUs from the Retailo app, Retailo’s mission is to simplify the retail business and make supply chains easily accessible and beautifully uncomplicated. The company’s vast operation is managed through multiple warehouses that store inventory from hundreds of brands, many of which are direct Retailo partners.