ROCCO Research: Infobip Recognised as Leaders in A2P SMS by MNOs

Despite the emergence of chat apps and flash calls, mobile network operators (MNOs) consistently request A2P SMS as it is an important part of the telco environment and is in a constant state of transformation.

Hence, it is imperative for MNOs to choose an A2P vendor that not only helps them and their clients but who consistently lead the way to transformation and can identify monetization patterns for the future.

To make this decision easier, ROCCO Research surveyed over 500 MNOs for their A2P SMS Messaging Vendor Benchmarking Report 2022. And one of the most common challenges is to find the right vendor who understands their needs.

This year’s report has recognized Infobip as a leading and trusted MNO partner based upon key A2P SMS KPIs and performance.

Overall, Infobip has achieved a high rating of over 4 points in all areas – technical support, uptime performance, implementation process and types of messaging solutions.

Download the latest ROCCO Report to know:

  • What makes Infobip the perfect MNO vendor
  • What are the key indicators MNOs must look for when choosing a vendor