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Slow response rates and decentralization of data leading to customer churn

Indonesia’s fastest-growing grocery social commerce startup Segari has been working towards streamlining the agricultural supply chain while empowering local communities by providing fresh produce to people in their neighborhoods.

While the pandemic resulted in an increase in online orders, it also came with some challenges.

In recent months, Segari witnessed a decrease in customer retention and an increase in churn due to the following challenges:

  • Slow response rates for online customer support channels
  • Inability to meet high numbers of customer support demands 
  • Decentralization of data
  • Lack of metrics to measure agent performance

There was a clear need to adopt digital customer support to improve engagement, personalize the customer experience, reduce churn, build trust, and help convert every conversation into a new sale.


A holistic customer communications platform to improve customer and agent experience

Finding the right cloud communication platform provider that understood their pain points, business needs, and customer expectations was the key to tackling these challenges.

Segari partnered with Infobip to set up a single interface that unified their data and delivered an end-to-end customer engagement journey. The Infobip communication platform gave them access to:

  • A customer data platform, People CDP that helped centralize their data and segment audiences to run personalized promotions and campaigns
  • A customer engagement solution, Moments, to easily setup communication flows and automate the delivery of promotional messages at the right time and on the right channel
  • A digital-first contact center solution, Conversations, that allowed customers to contact an agent effortlessly, empowered agents with a single view of the conversation history, and enabled Segari to track agent performance
  • WhatsApp Business Platform to interact and send promotional messages to customers in real-time

Upon implementing Infobip’s communication platform, every time Segari gets a new app registration, our customer data platform People CDP automatically collects and updates the existing database, flagging new contacts. Then once the customer logs in to the app and starts a transaction, they will choose the product they wish to order and fill in their contact information including their name and an active number on WhatsApp.

They will then receive an order confirmation via WhatsApp. If the customer has further questions, they can be transferred to a live conversation with one of the 150 agents available through Conversations.

Customer conversations are then automatically routed to the correct department based on the customer’s sentiment. Once they’re directed and their order is processed, Moments is then automatically triggered to personalize communication and send automated messages for order information and future promotions.


90% reduction in response time and increased agent efficiency

Since partnering with us, Segari was able to transform its customer service digitally. With real-time flexible support, customers can get the answers they need quickly.

In addition, customer support agents became more efficient as workloads were lowered with automated routing. And with enhanced trackability of various data, they were able to elevate their customer communication and deliver personalized experiences.

This unified omnichannel communication approach from Infobip’s single platform resulted in:

  • 99.8% of support requests solved within 24hrs
  • 72 in NPS compared with 25 – 30 before using our solutions
  • Friction-free collection and unification of data
  • increase in agent efficiency and contact center performance

Introducing this holistic communication solution changed the way Segari approaches its online customer service.

Going forward, they will continue to use Conversations and Moments to provide personalized experiences and resolve queries faster and more efficiently.

Infobip helped us improve the overall customer and agent experience using a digital communication approach. We used Conversations and Moments to enhance our customer support, reduce the response time and automate our customer engagement. They’ve empowered us to achieve additional growth in conversions and increase customer satisfaction. We have a very strong relationship and I see them as a true partner that we can always depend on.

Arsyad Amien

Head of Customer Experience

Company Profile


Segari is a fresh produce online distribution platform, specialized in selling fruit, vegetables, meat, and household groceries. Their mission is to present fresh produce with high quality for the Indonesian household. Currently , they are operating in the Jakarta greater area and expanding in other places.